The Spiffy UI Framework is Open Source

by Zack Grossbart on May 19, 2011

Nine months ago I posted a video about Our Spiffy UI showing the process we used for combining GWT, JQuery, and REST to make a new kind of GWT application. It was fast, it was beautiful, and you couldn’t use it. That last part has changed. The Spiffy UI framework is now open source.

Spiffy UI combines the best part of GWT and JQuery, adds on a layer of REST and security, and provides a comprehensive CSS framework to create amazing GWT applications. It is open source and 100% free.

We’re currently developing version 0.7.5. There’s also some amazing Spiffy UI articles on the way. There’s a lot of work to do and we need your help. We need you to try the samples, give us feedback, tell a friend, and build Spiffy applications. Join the Spiffy UI community.

Check out the framework at and find out a better way to write GWT applications.