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I’m a software architect, programmer, designer, team leader, and writer. I’ve spent more than 20 years designing, architecting, and building business critical systems that just can’t go down. My software secures banks, hospitals, telecom providers, and government organizations. The code I write runs Fortune 500 financial institutions, hospitals, governments, and keeps people out of jail.

You can contact me at zack@grossbart.com.


I’m a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM. I work in the AI Center of Excellence where I help teams all over IBM design and implement AI solutions for real business problems.

Before that I kept the IBM cloud running smoothly. Over 900 developers, 12 regions, and 36 data centers I kept the cloud stable, secure, and fast as the architect of release engineering and testing.

I lead the teams that develop the tools, processes, and practices to ensure the IBM cloud is a platform you want to bet your billion dollar business on.

In the summer of 2018 I wanted to show the cloud team how much we’d all accomplished. Instead of describing the cloud, I showed what it could do… with kittens. Highly available multi-zone load balanced cloud kittens.

Here’s the demo from our Beta 1.2 release.

There’s a lot more information about the IBM Virtual Private Cloud.

Micro Focus

Before that I was an Architecting Engineer and Human Factors Specialist and team leader at Micro Focus. I joined SilverStream in 1998. Silverstream was purchased by Novell, Novell was purchased by NetIQ, and NetIQ was purchased by Micro Focus.

I worked on the Micro Focus CX Application Framework and Micro Focus Identity and Access Management. Before that I’ve worked on Novell Identity Manager, Novell Sentinel, Novell Compliance Management Platform, Novell Identity Manager Designer, Novell exteNd Workbench, and many more.


JSONDiff.com is a little project that turned out big. It’s a semantic compare tool for JSON documents that finds the differences you care about. It’s a simple tool that does just what you want and is very popular.

Smashing Magazine

I do a lot of technical writing. Most of my writing since early 2011 shows up at Smashing Magazine. They’re a large online magazine including articles about coding, design, mobile development, and much more.

Check out all of my articles on my Smashing Magazine author page. I’m also a member of the Smashing Magazine experts panel where I help edit and https://your-writers.net/ develop articles by other authors.

WordPress Editorial Calendar

If you blog and schedule your posts in advance the WordPress Editorial Calendar will change your life. Drag and drop, quick edit, and view your entire blog in this easy to use intuitive interface.

The WordPress Editorial calendar is currently running on over 50,000 blogs including Copyblogger.com and Chris Brogan.com.

The Seven Bridges of Königsberg

The Seven Bridges of Königsberg is my first big iOS project. It’s a puzzle game inspired by a centuries old math puzzle.

7 Bridges is fun, challenging, and all open source. You can build it yourself for free.

Web animations

I’ve been working on a series of open source web animations.

Web-Drawing Throwdown: Paper.js Vs. Processing.js Vs. Raphael compares the three most popular web drawing frameworks and demonstrates a cool gears animation.

The HBO Recycling Program shows how often HBO reuses actors. Fast Company Design featured the HBO Recycling Program as the Infographic of the Day.

I wrote an animated dandelion as the sample for my article How To Create Web Animations With Paper.js on Smashing Magazine.

Discover all the mobile gestures you should know with 20 Multi-Touch Gestures You Should Learn Today.


Gromit is an OAuth2 client for AngularJS. You drop it in and it solves all of your authentication needs. Gromit is focused on helping people access the Micro Focus REST APIs, but it works against any OAuth2 provider.


It’s your favorite JavaScript library, only faster.

JSlim is a static code analyzer and optimizer for JavaScript which removes unused code from your application and third-party libraries. JSlim makes jQuery 25% smaller.

Hackito Ergo Sum

Looking for some serious techie goodness full of examples and how to articles? Check out my professional programming blog Hackito Ergo Sum.


Many of my early and smaller projects end up on GitHub. Check out the HBO Recycling PaperJS sample, the JSlim JavaScript compiler, and many others. Start forking today.

The One Minute Commute

I wrote a book in 2011 called The One Minute Commute. It helps you manage remote software teams. You can read it online for free.


I’m an avid Go player and the founder of an open source software project for organizing Go tournaments, MGA GoTD.

Other People Talking About Me

From time to time other people write about me. I’m grateful for each mention. Some of the big ones are Forbes, CNN, CIO Magazine, and IT World.

You can see all of my media coverage on my media page.

Guest Posts

I also write for many other sites like Smashing Magazine and CopyBlogger. You can see them all in my list of guest posts.

You will make better connections and you’ll make it much easier to organize uk.trustpilot.com and compose your own essay.



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