What Do You Hate About Telecommuting?

October 22, 2009


I recently posted some of the reasons why I love telecommuting, but it isn’t all easy. As easy as it is to wax poetic about working from home there are plenty of frustrations that come with living in your office.

Some days I’m ready to jump out of my big comfy chair, run back to the office, and beg them to put me in a cubicle. Here are a few of my least favorite things about telecommuting:

  • Missed hallway conversations
  • Conference call background noise
  • I’m never offline
  • Internet connectivity problems
  • Strange work hours
  • I work more because I work from home
  • Feeling out of the loop
  • Daddy has to work now sounds like let’s play to my two-year old

Ah… I feel much better now. Venting is cathartic. Share your stories. What really drives you crazy about telecommuting?

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