Zack’s Offline Checklist

September 1, 2009

Right now I am offline. I won’t lie, it’s causing me a little physical discomfort. The rest of my team is in a meeting deciding if our product will ship on time and my Internet and phone died five minutes before the meeting started.

Being offline is frightening. I wasn’t able to contact my coworkers and I’m imagining them wondering where I am and annoyed I’m not there. This is a big decision and they need me. Or even scarier, maybe they don’t. Maybe they’ll make this decision without me and start thinking, who needs Zack anyway?

When you’re a telecommuter getting knocked offline is like a gigantic hand reached into the office and yanked you out of your seat. It’s scary, but you can make it better by being proactive. Zack’s offline checklist is here to help.

  1. Have a backup. Always have a second option. If you use a land line then buy a cell phone. Make sure you have another way to contact your team. Backups are also important for your computer, your data, and your wireless router.
  2. Fix it fast. Do everything you can on your end and then call your service provider. Don’t assume they know something is wrong.
  3. Keep important contacts offline. Company directories and Google address books are wonderful tools, but keep a copy of your most important phone numbers offline. Write then down and put them up near your desk.
  4. Let your team know. Call them with your backup cell phone and let them know you’re having a technical problem and aren’t just ignoring them. A little assurance that you’re working on the problem goes a long way.
  5. Get a little work done. Offline is a great chance to focus and get a little work done without interruptions. Use the time productively.
  6. Relax. Take a deep breath. Getting knocked offline isn’t the end of the world. The connection will come back soon.

Download a copy of Zack’s Offline checklist now and so you can use it even if you’re offline.

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