Work With The Tools, Not Against Them

June 21, 2011

Chapter 10 – Written Communication

Every information storage solution has specific benefits and issues. Don’t put design documents in your forums or try to communicate with your customers in your wiki. You can’t use one system to solve all of your communication needs.

A wiki stores information differently than a bug tracking system or a mailing list archive. For every piece of information you share you need to choose the correct venue. Pick a method of communication that matches your content. Don’t post a bug report on your wiki just because it is likely to get read.

The consolidation of information is a vital practice for any team. It will make the team more efficient and will make it much easier to introduce new team members. It is also an important step in removing impediments to communication. Maintaining a low cost of communication is critical to remote success.

Being remote means that you must exploit every means of communication available to you. Don’t just talk on the phone. Taking part in the written communication of your team will connect you to team decisions and make you much more visible to your team, your company, and your customers.

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