Remote Presentations

June 23, 2011

Chapter 11 – Remote Presentations

Every presentation is an emotional journey
Nancy Duarte

Have you ever had a really good idea that your boss didn’t listen to? Can you remember a innovative feature you worked hard on that nobody noticed? Your innovative ideas and features won’t be recognized if you don’t present them well.

You give presentations and demonstrations less often than someone from the marketing department, but yours have higher stakes. Many of the presentations you give will be in front of executives or customers. Those presentations will encompass larger issues: your achievements for the quarter, why your team should make an important decision. Demonstrations are always selling your product, either to customers for money or to other people in your company for recognition. The big demonstrations you give might be the only chance you get to interact with the executives in your company.

Interacting with your audience is more difficult when you present remotely. In person, if your audience is apprehensive you can take extra time to reassure them. If they are excited, move quickly to encourage their excitement. Reading your audience like this is just as important for remote presentations, but a lot more difficult.

You might prefer to give all presentations in person, but that isn’t possible on a distributed team. Some remote engineers leave presenting to colleagues in the office. If you do that you are missing out. A presentation is the opportunity to show your work and ideas. Don’t let it pass you by.

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