You Are Not Your Code

June 1, 2010

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Reading this book will make you a better engineer. It has no code samples, algorithms, or discussions of any specific programming languages. Instead it focuses on communication, which will make you a better member of your team wherever you work.

It doesn’t matter how good your code is if nobody sees it. You will never get promoted, rewarded, or even noticed if you can’t talk and write about what you do. And that is really hard to do.

Coding is sometimes difficult, but the process is always simple. Write better code and your project will run better, have the features you need, and crash less. Write bad code and your project will not work very well. Communication and human interaction are not that simple. Some of the time it looks like everything is good when it isn’t.

This book will help you communicate better because good communication is the most common casualty of distributed teams. It is also fundamental to every engineer. Software is about communication more than code. Code is the final result, but your communication with your team, your manager, and your customers is what gets you there.

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