The Plan of The One Minute Commute

June 8, 2010

Chapter 1 – Introduction

This book is organized into four sections: getting a remote job, team organization, communication, and balance.

Landing a remote job shows you how to transition your current job into a remote one with convincing arguments for your boss and transition plans you can use with your team and your family. If you are looking for a new job this section tells you how to market yourself, interview well, and land the remote job you want.

Team organization shows you a new way to think about team communication. It gives you an understanding of how to stay close with your team and the tools you need to manage up and improve the way your team works. It finishes with a real world example of a successful distributed team.

Communication is what working remotely is all about. This section discusses the specifics of email etiquette, Internet chatting for business, and the dozens of other technologies you use to communicate with your team. It shows you how to improve your remote presentations and software demonstrations and concludes with an analysis of the common remote problems and how you can fix them.

Balance is the way you stay happy and productive when you live in the office. It contains detailed information for establishing your home office, working well from home, and making sure being on a distributed team works well for your family.

You want to work remotely. And you want to be a better engineer. Being a better engineer means improving your technical skills and becoming a better programmer, but it also means becoming a better team member. The tips, principles, and examples in this book will make you smarter about how teams communicate and that will make you a much better engineer. Understanding how to work remotely will make you a better engineer even if you never leave the office.

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