All of the content in this site is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 (referred to as CCSA) license unless otherwise noted. This license means four things:

Share. You can share this content with anyone for free. Make copies, reproduce it, translate it. You can even sell it.

Remix. You can also change the content. This includes reworking it, editing it, and mixing it into new content. Whatever you want. I encourage you to use this content for any project it helps with.

Attribute. When you use this content you have to give me credit. If you mix this content into something else you still need to attribute it. Basically, you can use it, but you can’t claim you wrote it.

Share alike. However you release this content, it still needs to be released under the CCSA license. Unlike GPL, this does not require you to release everything under this license. For example, if you reproduce a post from this blog in your blog you can still keep the rest of your blog, under whatever license you want.


In some articles I use images or other works created by other people. I always contact the owner of that work and only use it with permission. Those works are the property of their creators. You have to contact them for the license.


When other people comment on my blog they own the comment and they choose the license. Unless they specify otherwise their comments are protected under standard copyright and can not be reproduced without the comment author’s permission.

I hereby release any comments I make on any other blog under the CCAS license unless otherwise stated.

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