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The One Minute Commute is a free eBook written by Zack Grossbart. It shows find a job near me you how to get and keep a job as a successful remote software developer. You’ll learn how to interview for a remote software development position, how to convince your boss that distributed teams can work on any software project, and the tools you need to work away from the office. You’ll see step-by-step instructions on how to effectively communicate with your team when you aren’t physically present for day-to-day meetings. You’ll find out how to avoid the pitfalls es.medadvice.net and drawbacks common to being a remote engineer and become successful working remotely.

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Still not convinced? Need a few more details? Here’s a pretty good argument why you want to read The One Minute Commute.

You want to stop commuting, have less stress, and put more of your time and effort into excelling at your job. A one minute commute sounds like a dream come true, but it isn’t easy to overcome the challenges of geography, not to mention resistance from your manager about remote work. Many telecommuters feel left out of key decisions, passed over for promotions, and not integral to their team. You can overcome these obstacles and succeed as a remote worker. This book shows you how.


The One Minute Commute presents an easy-to-understand framework for demonstrating your value as a remote worker and part of a team. It gives you concrete advice for making you as integral to the team as your coworkers in the office. You’ll ensure your management and team members recognize your contributions and include you in important project decisions. You’ll get a comprehensive framework to help you transition your current job into a remote job or find a new remote job. You’ll be inspired by examples of people marketing themselves well and hear from top recruiters and social media experts about how you can find the remote job of your dreams.

You’ll also learn how to improve your usage of common communication technologies to build strong remote connections with your team. You’ll see step-by-step instructions for communicating effectively through conference calls, instant messages, and email. You’ll find out how to share knowledge with your team using wikis, blogs, newsgroups, and more. You’ll learn strategies for working effectively from your home office, and how to set up an efficient home office environment.

The One Minute Commute also gives you a chance to learn from remote presentation experts like Nancy Duarte and Garr Reynolds. You’ll see profiles of successful teams from companies like Mozilla and Sun Microsystems and learn secrets for making remote connections from facial expression expert Paul Ekman the inspiration for the hit television show Lie To Me.

Finally, this book shows you how to find and fix problems when working remotely isn’t working. It teaches you how to spot the first signs of trouble and offers solutions to the most common problems associated with working virtually.

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