Completing The Telework Balancing Act

October 25, 2011

Chapter 14 – Balancing Work Life and Home Life

Working from home is a balancing act. You will be pulled in many directions. You need to stay in contact with your team, but you want to get your work done. You need to stay focused on work, but you have to find time to take a break. You want to spend more time with your family, but you need to shut them out in order to be productive.

This balancing act can be maddening at times and there is no one right answer. What works for you today may not work for you tomorrow. Make it a constant part of your life to reevaluate your working situation. Do you need to change your hours? Are you getting your work done and still spending time away from work?

After that, just relax and do your best. Working from home gives you a lot of flexibility and you will find a solution that works for you.


Keep your promises to your coworkers to get your work done and yourself to spend time away from work.

Make a schedule that works for you.

Getting away from work will help you stay focused. Plan some distractions and don’t forget to move.

Staying focused takes good communication. Let people know when you don’t want to be disturbed.

Don’t get isolated. Stay connected with your team about work, and stay connected outside of your team with activities where you can meet people face-to-face.

Give your home office some thought. A good space to work will help you stay productive.

Stay professional, even though you may be working in your pajamas.

Plan your work with your family. Make it clear when you will be working and how you will maintain separation.

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