Your Team Hates Your Telework

September 8, 2011

Chapter 13 – Understanding and Resolving Problems

If you are working remotely in a team where most people are in the office your coworkers may get a little jealous. If so, they probably won’t tell you. You need to give them a little reassurance that you are working hard.

  • Get your work done. Getting your work done and producing clear results is the best way to put jealous feelings to rest. Make it abundantly clear that you are working hard and being productive.
  • Be available. Let the team know that being remote does not mean being unreachable. Make sure you are available when your team needs you. Make them feel comfortable about calling you at home.
  • Don’t rub it in. Being remote has many advantages. Don’t brag about them. It is even a good idea to complain a little.

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