You Aren’t Getting Your Work Done

September 1, 2011

Chapter 13 – Understanding and Resolving Problems

Most offices are set up for interruption. They promote interruption by having everybody together all the time. And you can’t actually get work done when you’re interrupted or you’re being interrupted.
– Jason Fried, 37signals

Offices are designed to make it easy to disrupt people. This is why many telecommuters are more productive. However, you trade the distractions of the office for the distractions of home. Being remote puts the emphasis of being productive on you. Poor productivity will confirm your team’s worst fears about letting you work remotely. Here are some common for not getting your work done and how you can fix them:

Goofing off

Goofing off is an important way to help you relax. It is crucial to build time into your working schedule to get away from your work. Get outside and take a walk or spend some time with your family. A little time away from the “office” can help you focus more on your work. However, if you aren’t getting your work done then you have a big problem.

You can’t concentrate

Most office buildings are really boring, with passive color schemes and bland corporate art to remove distractions. When you work from home you are surrounded by your life. Many people find it helpful to create a simple office space free of distractions. Set up a very plain workspace. It will help you stay focused.

Too many distractions from home

Your friends and family will all understand the “home” part of working from home. They may not understand the “work” part. The physical separation of commuting to an office makes it clear when you are working. You need to consciously create this separation at home.

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