Virtual Problems With Real Solutions

September 22, 2011

Chapter 13 – Understanding and Resolving Problems

When you are remote from your team it can feel like you are remote from their problems. The people in the office might be having a tough time, but you can just keep your head down and get your work done. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you avoid problems because you are remote then your team will leave you alone until they call you to say goodbye.

Problems arise on all teams. Some of those problems happen because you are remote, some are exacerbated by the fact, and others are completely unrelated. If you take anything away from this chapter it should be that being part of your team means being part of the problems and part of the solutions. You are remote on your team, but you are very real. Your problems are real as well and they require real solutions.

All problems are stressful and you often can take advantage of your remote status to help you stay calm when everyone else is panicking. Drink a warm cup of tea, read a book, or take a relaxing walk. Release the tensions and stresses of the office for a little while and then come back to work and fix the problem. Assigning blames is easier than fixing problems, but far less productive. Address your problems in a straightforward manner when they arise and you’ll succeed when everyone else is in a panic.

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