Small Changes Make a Big Change

February 10, 2011

Chapter 8 – Open Teams

The next section of this book will tell you how to start building an open team. It focuses on peer review and code reviews. Chances are that these concepts aren’t new to you. You have probably heard them for years. You probably find the idea that you alone can revolutionize your team by suggesting code reviews a little tough to believe. You aren’t the only one. Many people have trouble with this concept.

The truth is that you can’t do it by yourself. You can only start the process. The rest of your team needs to take it forward. Creating an open team isn’t about the code review or the peer review meeting. An open team happens in the time between the meetings. It happens with a set of phone calls, IM or IRC conversations, and documents that share the knowledge and responsibility of creating a product with the entire team. It is a subtle change that affects the way you work every day.

The other truth is that this issue isn’t black and white. Creating an open team is a constant effort because you can never be a completely open team. Your team will always be open in some ways and closed in others. You should always push to be more open because your team is always in danger of becoming more closed.

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