Putting Open Teams Into Action

February 17, 2011

Now you have an understanding of the theory of peer review and open teams, it’s time to put it into action. You have the power to change your team by example. Pick a project you are working on and try to do it in a peer-reviewed way. Start with a one-on-one conversation. Choose someone you feel comfortable with, call them up, and talk about your work. Tell them about the decisions you are making and why you are making them. Try to give them a good understanding of your system and why it is the way it is. Don’t just talk about what is going well; let them know where you are having problems.
The next step is more difficult: take that other person’s advice. You don’t need to do everything they say, but choose some change they suggested and implement it. The purpose of talking about your ideas is not to find out how great they are, but how you can improve them. Once you have gone through this process a few times with just one person you can try a peer review meeting with more people from your team. As your team becomes more experienced you can hold peer reviews with technologies that do not happen in real time. http://credit-n.ru/kredity-online-blog-single.html http://credit-n.ru/potreb-kredit.html

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