Emotional Connections For Telecommute Success

December 23, 2010

Chapter 6 – Staying Close When You’re Far Away

Being remote is a barrier to the distribution of emotional information. That means you need to go above and beyond to stay close with your team. You can start with an in-person meeting and build on that meeting later with email or your telephone conversations. You must cultivate other ways of sharing emotional information because you won’t have as many opportunities for meeting face-to-face.

Sharing emotional information is all about details. Let your coworkers know details about you and learn details about them. Details, important or otherwise, will make a screen name feel like a real person. Make the time to waste time with your team.

It is important to connect with your team. It is also important to connect with the rest of your company. Staying visible to the executives in the company as well as other teams will help you get raises, promotions, and funding. Take the time to participate in presentations, communicate with customers, and help other teams. This extra effort will be rewarded by increased visibility in the company and more support from upper management.
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