Being An Open Team

October 19, 2010

Chapter 5 – CodeSourcery: An Open Team In Action

CodeSourcery builds an open team from the top down. Mark deliberately fosters a supportive environment where team members can share their problems and help each other.

Mark Mitchell:

“There’s no shame in getting stuck, there’s no shame in not knowing, and there’s no prize for figuring out something that someone else has already figured out. The point is to work as a team and ask for help and collaborate with each other; to learn from each other and move the overall thing forward.”

The team saves a lot of time and effort because of their open culture. They reuse a lot of ideas and build on each other’s work. Mark knows that “everyone who works here is smart enough to figure everything out from first principles, but there’s no point in doing that.”

CodeSourcery realizes that a team is greater than the sum of its parts. When one team member gets better at their job it helps the whole team and when someone has a problem the whole team worries about solving it. From the top down, everyone in the company is inspired to help other people on their team.

Stephan Seefeld:
“[Working in a team means] helping others and being able to express yourself if you need help, and apply that help well. …It is all the more important when you are distributed.”

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