When To Talk About Working Remotely

September 2, 2010

Chapter 3 – Land The Remote Job You Love

Talk about working remotely before you get on a plane for an interview. Working remotely really is a showstopper for some companies. Letting them pay to fly you in and then telling them you must work remotely is rude and will give you a bad reputation. It could even cause a company that would have let you work remotely decide not to hire you because you were deceptive.

This is a bit complex. If you mention working remotely too early you can miss out on your chance to convince them it is a good idea. If you wait too long a potential employer may feel like you were holding something back. The first time you mention working remotely, just try to feel them out. See if it is a showstopper or something they are willing to talk about. Once you know that working remotely is a possibility you can negotiate the details as part of accepting the job.
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