Transitioning To A Remote Job

September 14, 2010

Chapter 4 – Transitioning To A Remote Job

When Jim Lemke made the case for working remotely to his boss at Redhat it was simple. He was a valued employee and had built up a strong track record with his team and his boss. He moved away from the office and started working remotely half-time. After a while he transitioned to full-time remote.

Jim’s story is notable for how unremarkable it is. I hear this story from many people. Compared to finding a new remote job transitioning is easy. You are already a known quantity and in a much better position to make the case for working remotely.

If nobody else in your company, department, or group works remotely you need to answer a larger question first: why should your company let anyone work remotely? You might run up against company policies, the human resources department, or a concern that letting you work remotely will open the floodgates for everyone else.

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