Find Your Next Job With Specialization

August 19, 2010

Chapter 3 – Land The Remote Job You Love

So your resume is solid and it’s time to find the right job to apply for. This process starts with specialization. We already looked at some ways to focus your skills in the last chapter, now let’s apply that focus to your job search.

Specialization will help you narrow your job search. Take some time and figure out what specific skills you have. Web designer isn’t enough, but user experience expert is getting there. Find the skills you have that are different from other people and develop them more.

Once you have a list of specialized skills find companies that do what you are good at. Don’t worry if they have job openings right now, just focus on learning the area. Who are those companies? Who are their competitors? What do engineers with those specialized skills call themselves?

Use this information to refine your resume. Tailor it for each company you are applying for. Look for other engineers with those specialized skills, find their resumes online, and make your look like theirs.

Take your newly refined resume and apply to the companies who need people with your specialized skills. And don’t just email your resume and wait.

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