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July 29, 2010

Chapter 2 – Market Yourself Into A Remote Job

There are as many types of blog articles as there are types of writing. They range in length from one sentence long updates to novellas. When you are getting started it is worth sticking to a preset list of article types. As you gain more experience with the medium you can expand into other areas.

Back up the buzzwords in your resume with an I really know what I’m talking about article. Don’t say you know Java, write an article about Java threads. Don’t say you know Ruby, write an article discussing the merits of your favorite Ruby design patterns. Your blog is not the place for you to write code, but it is a good place to write about the problems you can solve.

Use a real world problem I solved article to show examples of something you did well. Show a little code and talk about why it works the way it does. Make it clear that you know how to ask questions, define a problem, and then solve that problem. Let potential employers see how well you can talk about your work.

The here is something I can teach you post gives you a chance to show off your communication and teaching skills. Choose something simple and explain it. The goal is to communicate information, not impress people with your coding abilities. It is also an opportunity to show an employer that you will be a benefit to a team beyond the code you write.

The last type of article to consider is the quirky and a little funny article. This article has a big risk, but it also has a big payoff. If you do it well you can show off your writing skills. It also has the possibility of bringing a lot more traffic to your blog. If you miss the mark you will have something unprofessional and detrimental.

So how do you stay out of trouble with a quirky article? Stay away from the following:

Controversial topics. This includes any topic you wouldn’t want to talk about with a room of your coworkers. At the very least this includes sex, politics, and religion.

Personal details. Sharing a few small details is OK, but getting too detailed is unprofessional. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t be comfortable telling your coworkers in an office, and probably not even that much.

Children and pets. Your family and friends may be interested in that cute trick your new puppy learned or how many diapers the baby goes through in a day, but employers are not.

And your articles have to be good. How do you make your articles good? Start with quality over quantity.
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