I received a crazy amount of help and support while writing this book. Over 60 experts in various fields donated their time for interviews. Friends and family helped me review and edit and refine The One Minute Commute book. There were photographers, graphic designers, and lawyers. And they all deserve thanks.

37signals: Jason Fried and David Heinmeier Hansson

Code Sourcery: Ricardo Anguiano, Mark Mitchell, Catherine Moore, Stephan Seefeld, and Nathan Sidwell

Microsoft: Ade Miller and Scott Hanselman

Mozilla: Alexandra Cuccias, Jono Dicarlo, Blair McBride, Daniel Einspanjer, Jason Orendorff, Abimanyu Raja, Aza Raskin, John Resig, Ben Smedberg, and Atul Varma

Viewpoints Research Institute: Bert Freudenberg, Luke Gorrie, Dan Ingalls, Alan Kay, and Kim Rose

Subversion: Jim Blandy, Brian Fitzpatrick, Karl Fogel, Bert Huijben, Michael Pilato, Ben Collins Sussman

Sun Microsystems: Martin Balin, Janet Keeley, Martin Matula, and Heidi Pate

WikiMedia: Rob Church, Tim Starling, and Brion Vibber

Fatima Aydin, Jurgen Appelo, Sierra Black,Online casino v ČR Prague Shelly Boose, Chris Brogan, Anita Bruzzese, Julia Cort, Esther Derby, Nancy Duarte, James Duncan Davidson , Paul Ekman, Justin Evans, Eric Fillion, Jesse Glick, Aaron Goodisman, Ted Grossbart, Helen Herold, Maggie Hessel, Mark Horstman, Jim Idleson, MaryFran Johnson, Steve Kasmouski, Karin Lundberg, Michael Meeks, Robin Murphy, Robb Perry, Joe Pusateri, Garr Reynolds, Alex Rosen, Johanna Rothman, Shimon Rura, Shev Rush, Rajesh Setty, David Shopper, Kerr Timbers, Rosely Traube, Shannon Vargo, Chuck Wilsker, Sarah Whedon, Sue Veitch, Mary Vogt

And a special thanks to my editors and reviwers Howard Melman, Susannah Pfalzer, Jonathan Simon, Daniel, Steinberg, Lyndon Washington, Ian Welsh, and Mary Vogt

Thanks to everyone else who helped with this book and isn’t mentioned on this page.