Avoiding Unnecessary Visual Distraction In Your Slides

Avoiding Unnecessary Visual Distraction In Your Slides

July 21, 2011

Chapter 11 – Remote Presentations

Understanding a slide with a lot of visual junk is like trying to talk to someone next to a moving train. They may have something interesting to say, but you will never hear it over all the other noise. Everything you add to your slides either helps or hurts; nothing is neutral. Go over your slides and remove everything that isn’t helping to present the information. Use images to provide useful content and not decoration. Your audience cares about what you have to say, not how pretty your slides are.

Examine each picture or symbol in the slide and ask if it really needs to be there. Remove unnecessary lines and drawings. Most bullets can be removed without changing the data. There is no need to include your company logo on every slide. Having some empty space on each slide creates visual balance.

Get away from corporate templates. The goal of corporate slide templates it to make every presentation look the same. They often include corporate branding on every slide. This doesn’t help your presentation or your company.

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