John Resig’s JavaScript Programmer Blog

John Resig’s JavaScript Programmer Blog

August 10, 2010

Chapter 2 – Market Yourself Into A Remote Job

John Resig is a JavaScript evangelist for the Mozilla Corporation, the creator of the popular JQuery JavaScript framework, and the author of Pro JavaScript Techniques.

John blogs at He says, “I use my blog as a way to build my reputation.” His blog is a good mix of personal branding and useful information. It also makes it crystal clear who John is: a JavaScript guy. JavaScript by itself isn’t specific enough, so John further qualifies himself as a JQuery guy. In John’s case he is the JQuery guy.

John often posts about small open source projects he is working on. He recently posted “JavaScript Pretty Date” and “Flexible Javascript Events.” Each one took John only a few days to complete. These types of real and easy to understand projects are just what employers are looking for. is successful. It has a large following because John provides useful and focused information. It also creates John Resig as a brand. Type “John Resig” into Google and John’s blog comes up first. His blog gives you a good understanding of who he is.

Any potential employer would see John’s site and immediately start to feel like they know him. There is enough personal information to be meaningful and enough professional information to make you trust John as an engineer. His site is so effective at showcasing his talents that he had to add a note letting people know, “I’m not currently looking for work.”

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