You Should Be Smarter

March 16, 2010

You aren’t smart enough, you don’t know enough, and you can’t do your job as well as you should. Even if this isn’t true right now it will be soon. The world moves so quickly that you can’t afford to stand still. I mean it. No excuses.

So how do you get smarter? Its easy. Make your team help you. I love Make Zack Smarter meetings with my team. I just call them peer review.

Peer review makes you smarter. And it doesn’t matter if the people reviewing you are more senior than you. Taking the time to look at what you did and explain it to someone else makes you smarter even if they don’t say anything. Well… I think it does. I’ve never personally had a peer review where nobody said anything.

Holding a peer review with your team also makes them smarter, but not because they review your great ideas. Your ideas might be great, but most people don’t learn by watching someone else, they learn by doing. Your peer review will inspire them to hold their own peer review and that will make them smarter.

The math here is simple, your team is greater than the sum of its parts. You can all pull each other up or you can push each other down. And that is the dark side of teams.

Are you afraid of your team? Afraid to look stupid in front of them? It is a common fear and you have to fight it. When fear rules a team everyone retreats into their own area and the team stops functioning.

This is a wake up call for everyone out there who doesn’t use their team. Use your team to get smarter today. It might be the best thing you do.

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