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February 4, 2010

This post is part of the Editorial Calendar Plugin for WordPress team series. We take a first-hand look at a far-flung open source team as it forms, communicates, resolves problems, and (hopefully) succeeds. Stay up to date with the whole series.


Now that I’ve opened up the project and warned you that I’m reporting from the middle it’s time to meet the editorial calendar plugin for WordPress team.

I’ve worked with some of the people on this team before, but most of them have worked together without me. We span two countries and a few hundred miles. There are programmers, designers, project administrators, and expert bloggers. We’ll come together to create a cohesive team.

The first part of building a team is understanding the players. Everyone comes with different backgrounds and different expectations. Some of us are volunteers and others are getting paid. I’ll talk a little more about that later.

Let’s meet our team.

Eric Craven

Eric is an administrator at stresslimitdesign. He keeps the team organized and helps us work together.

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Justin Evans

Justin is a founder of stresslimitdesign and a designer with the editorial calendar. Zack and Justin worked together on a previous project.

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Eric Fillion

Eric’s a member of stresslimitdesign, but I don’t really understand his involvement in this project. We’ll see.

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Zack Grossbart

I’m the founder of the project and an outsider to the team. I haven’t worked with most of the other team members before. I’m a volunteer on this project.

Location: Boston, MA, USA

Bob Smith

Bob is a technical contributor to the project. He’s working on the project part time and this is his first project with stresslimitdesign.

Location: Ontario, Canada

Colin Vernon

Colin is the CTO of stresslimitdesign. He’s a technical leader on the project and a hands-on coder.

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Mary Vogt

Co-founder of the project and Zack’s wife. Mary was involved with the early prototypes, but is stepping back from the later versions.

Location: Boston, MA, USA

Benjamin Yoskovitz

Ben is a blogger and entrepreneur that works with stresslimitdesign. For this project he’s a designer and blogging consultant.

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The picture in this article was based on a work by yumiang and is used in accordance with the Creative Commons license

Coming next: We’ll take a closer look at how this far-flung team communicates.

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