Comment Drive

December 8, 2009

Zack Grossbart

The One Minute Commute is more than a blog. It’s also a great book looking for a publisher. I’ve been building traffic, doing some great interviews, and talking to amazing experts about telework. This blog has had good success in all aspects but one: comments.

I’ve been getting good feedback from Twitter, Facebook, and email, but I need it here. Publishers look for a community and they judge that community based in part on comments. So help out me, the book, and the other readers by finding a post you’re interested in and leaving a comment.

Not sure what kind of comment to leave?

Share your experiences. If you’re a telecommuter let us know how it works for you.
Ask questions. Get more details about how to succeed as a teleworker.
Disagree with me. Think I’m wrong or could have done better, let me know.

Thank you everyone for helping out and making this community as strong and vibrant as possible.

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