Telework Programs Save Millions

November 5, 2009


There’s a lot of confusion about how much telecommuting costs. Let me make it clear, telecommuting saves money. Companies save money by not paying real estate costs. They save on desks, chairs, Internet connections, cubicle walls, and everything else it takes to work in an office.

Teleworkers are also far more productive. They have more time to work, fewer sick days, and they stay more focused. But you shouldn’t take my word for it. I’ve created a new page with real numbers from real companies about how much they are saving with telecommuting programs.

Large companies are saving hundreds of millions of dollars and seeing productivity improvements of up to 50 percent with telework programs. If you’re trying to convince your company to start a telework program these are the numbers you need.

I’m sure there are many more examples. Does your company have a telework program? How much money are you saving?

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